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The toolkit

Challenges men face & tips to overcome them



The toolkit

Challenges men face & tips to overcome them

Unaware there is an issue


Pay gap

Interrupting women in meetings

Learn more about the challenges women face 

  • As a man you are less likely to have to worry about safety or whether people will get the wrong idea based on your outfit

  • Women make 74% of what men make for the same work. And they pay more for many of the same products such as razors and dry cleaning called the 'pink tax'

  • Ben Barres, a transgender man previously known as Barbara Barres, says he gets questioned less and isn't interrupted as much.

  • Certain groups have privileges that give them a head start over others. A great video on privilege.

Don’t know how to…


Convince other men to care

Create an inclusive environment

Start here

  • Invite women to tech meetups, introduce them to people

  • Be more aware of cutting off women when they speak. If you do, stop and ask them to continue.

  • Refer to women as women, not girls.

  • Look beyond your usual hiring pools - privilege and other factors may be excluding great talent from those networks

Fear of being the lone advocate

Loss of status

Loss of privilege


Be more inclusive

  • Start a inclusive social clubs such as: board games, cycling, financial investing, movies, books

  • Create project teams that include diverse perspectives

  • Find special occasions to to bring cliques together

  • Find other male allies through one-on-one conversations so you don’t feel alone

Fear of being misunderstood

Coming off as trying to be a hero

Coming off creepy

UNINTENTIONALLY Saying or doing something offensive

Meet in public and open spaces

  • Make meetings a routine time and date

  • Be a good listener instead of coming up with solutions

  • Introduce your significant other

  • Ask women for feedback - Does this come off the wrong way?

How to evaluate men & women equally

gender norms

Unconscious bias


Tools to help remove bias

  • Review resumes & conduct code tests where a person’s identify is hidden

  • Watch Google’s course on unconscious bias

  • Words like guru, ninja in job descriptions detract women from applying. Analysis tools: &

  • Use an extension to anonymise LinkedIn profiles and searches to reduce the influence of unconscious bias on recruiters:

  • Use gender neutral pronouns (they, them) when talking about open positions

  • Conduct interviews with diverse colleagues

  • If you have equal candidates, look at the make up of your team. Diversity = Innovation. Are you missing certain perspectives?

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Contribute to the toolkit

Contribute to the toolkit

Contribute to the toolkit

Contribute to the toolkit


Share a story, a barrier, a tip.

Be specific and actionable